Silk Scarf - Mary Punchi Clement 'Kira Kiro Country'

Artist: Mary Punchi Clements


Mary Punchi Clement 'Kira Kiro Country', silk chiffon scarf.

Australian made.
Packaged in cardboard box with information on artist and design. 

105 x 105cm

MPC - wide shot.jpg

"This painting shows the country before the fires and before people started changing the environment."  

The country is alive with Madjal (Grasses), Watja (Leaves), Yulu (Bush Flowers), Kanandur (Pandanus), Kulalar (Vines) surrounding a rock hole near the sea.  The colours of flowers and leaves are reflected in the waters. Striped rocks surround the water hole.

Mary's work is inspired by the rich environment around her and depicts a record of her botanical knowledge. Her images are made up of a myriad of small brushstrokes in layers to represent her vast botanical knowledge describing bush foods and medicines.