The Dawang Gallery is a unique cultural information space presenting selected works from the Waringarri collection complimented with multi-media presentations to share the richness of Miriwoong cultural identity with both community and visitors.

With at least 2 full scale exhibitions each year, the Dawang Gallery is a continually evolving space showcasing the the Kimberleys artistic prowess. It is also our 'safekeeping' place, where we hold art and artefacts from artists who have passed away. 

Located adjacent to the Main Gallery, above the studios, the Dawang Gallery is a fully accessible open space. 

Open Borders is an exhibition curated by Dora Griffiths as part of the Creative Grid Regional Presentation Series.  This exhibition was opened 6 November 2022 and will run for several months.

For those who cannot view the exhibition in person, please visit the virtual space.