Miriwoong Country (Red/Pink)

Artist: Ben Ward


Ben Ward, Miriwoong Country, 2023, 18 x 10.5 x 17cm, slipcast porcelain object.

Limited edition (99 editions). Colours vary within each edition.

** Please note that red pigment can vary due to firing process.



Cultural elder, community leader and artist, Ben Ward has significantly contributed to supporting his community through the establishment of many local organisations such as Waringarri Aboriginal Arts. He remains committed to helping young Miriwoong people learn their identity through art. His unique use of abstracted triangular symbols mapping Country distinguishes him as an important contemporary East Kimberley artist.


Sculpture Editions by Waringarri Artists.

‘Gerdewoon’ – Miriwoong for the iconic Kimberley boab is the inspiration for these unique ceramic objects. For thousands of years an important source of bush tucker, a medicine, a vessel, an engraved object and gift of cultural exchange, these objects translate the east Kimberley artistic tradition of boab engraving into contemporary form.

Designed by select Waringarri artists, these exquisite objects are created using Australian porcelain, slip cast in hand carved moulds using a multi-coloured process. Waringarri Arts studio technicians meticulously refine the porcelain castings by hand allowing each object to inherit an individually crafted quality.