BOAB100 explores the creative partnership between Wesfarmers Arts and Indigenous artists from Warringarri Arts. Showcased are the boab nut carvings, the work of master carvers, which are then cast in aluminium.

Project Categories

Dawang Stories
Public Art

Project Status - Completed

About This Project

Engraved boab nuts are highly symbolic of rich Miriwoong culture and the skill and the imagination employed by carvers is exceptional.  Sourced from the iconic Kimberley boab tree, the boab pods or nuts which contain a multitude of seeds were traditionally used in corroboree performances as percussion instruments (similar to maracas).  Artists engrave designs onto the boab nut, inspired by animal totems, images of country and the patterns of nature, marking their value as significant cultural artifacts.

This long tradition continues today with contemporary artists producing boab nuts as exquisite art objects in their own right. Translating this skill into a new art form and working with new materials through BOAB100 artists have further extended the creative principles of this traditional art form.

Artists and arts workers alike have embraced BOAB100 as they have collectively learned new skills, shared stories and proudly presented original design options.

BOAB100 is an innovative creative partnership with Wesfarmers and a project that extends well beyond the artistic output of the final 15 artists and their exquisite limited edition engraved sculptures.  The partnership project contributes to Waringarri‘s objective to embrace a future with wider audience reach, supporting the development of  new art forms and the nurturing of emerging artists and creative enterprises.  BOAB100 therefore significantly contributes to enriching the creative future for a whole community.