Silk Scarf - Minnie Lumai 'Yab-yabbe-geni-nim'

Artist: Minnie Lumai


Minnie Lumai - Silk Paj Scarf  (Yab-yabbe-geni-nim design)

Australian made.
Packaged in cardboard box with information on artist and design. 

176cm x 54cm.

Minnie scarf with packaging 2 copy.jpg
ML Minnie 2.JPG

This artwork relates to a key Ngarranggarni (dreaming) story for the Miriwoong and Gadjirrawoong peoples for the ownership of country around Kununurra and to the east in a place called Yab-yabbe-gani-ngim.

The plains kangaroo (Jalangarnang) was a Miriwoong man and the hill kangaroo (Nyangood) was a Gadjirrawoong man.  They had an argument about sugar bag (wild honey) which the plains kangaroo had hidden in the ridge.  The two kangaroos began to fight and the beeswax was scattered across the hill [represented by the circle motifs in the painting].  'You can see it now…. all the rocks',  Jalangarnang told Nyangood. ‘This is not your place. This is Miriwoong country.’ So Nyangood followed the ridges back to his country.