Waringarri Textiles has grown out of the Dawang Linawoong Ngoondengig-gerring(DLNg) program which provides opportunity for new and emerging artists to develop their creative cultural expressions across a range of traditional and contemporary mediums.

Dawang Linawoong Ngoondengig-gerring – a Miriwoong phrase meaning “place where ideas are made good’ is an ongoing arts development program focused on enabling creativity, new artistic approaches & sustainable arts practice that supports our next generation of arts leaders.

The textiles medium has engaged a growing number of new and younger artists and enabled emerging artists to expand their creative outputs. Textiles has generated a lot of excitement with artists experimenting with new designs, colours and creative opportunity. Mentored by senior artists, Waringarri Textiles maintains cultural knowledge and enables artists to experiment with the way designs of bush plants and cultural stories are expressed.

Artists are developing skills in stamp and screen printing techniques to produce unique fabric lengths on cottons, linens and bamboo.  In partnership with designers Waringarri Textiles are being produced as fashion and interiors products.

Our dream is to develop Waringarri Textiles as a sustainable enterprise within the overall art centre operations that provides opportunity for creativity with social, cultural and economic benefits for artists and community.