Waringarri Aboriginal Arts invites your ‘giving’ to support our ongoing programs of creative vibrancy and community & cultural well-being into the future.

Community and Cultural Wellbeing

Giving to our Community & Culture Wellbeing program supports

  • Cultural ceremonies and Knowledge Camps to maintain knowledge & skills significant to cultural leadership & community well-being are continued.
  • Youth engagement programs support youth by linking them to  cultural mentors and opportunities  for education and employment

Creative Vibrancy

Our Creative Vibrancy program grows opportunities for Waringarri artists and arts-workers to develop skills and experience in new art forms and creative opportunities. 

  • This program nurtures emerging artists and arts-workers who will sustain the art centre in the years ahead
  • Initiates exciting new art forms and creative projects.

Your giving to this program is very much appreciated. In return we would like to share our gift of regular program updates and unique opportunities to engage with our artists.

For more information about programs DGR status and giving please contact us.