Our projects

We are proud of our reputation for creating exciting art & cultural projects, public art commissions & events that engage our community & audiences nationally & internationally.

Public Art

One of Waringarri’s strengths is its public art portfolio fostering opportunities for artistic excellence presenting traditional skills & knowledge in contemporary art forms

D L N-g

Dawang Linawoong Ngoondengig-gerring is a Miriwoong term meaning ‘place where ideas are made good’ and describes the creativity that happens daily in the Waringarri Aboriginal Arts artist studios

Waringarri Textiles

Using hand stamping and screen-printing techniques Waringarri Textiles is a unique range of fabrics inspired by cultural stories and bush plants

Kimberley Aboriginal Artists

Kimberley Aboriginal Artists is an alliance that brings together art centres to work collaboratively for the maintenance & promotion of the region’s art & culture. Activities include creative projects, skill development & touring exhibitions.

Kira Kiro Artists Kalumburu

 Supported by Waringarri Aboriginal Arts since 2009, this small outreach art centre on the northern Kimberley coast represents artists inspired by the spirit figures of the Kira Kiro and Wandjina and the importance of protecting the natural environment.


Joonba or corroborees are traditional cultural performances performed throughout the year for special events, exhibitions & festivals and community events.


Following the success of the Wesfarmers BOAB100 commission Waringarri Arts launched 6 new limited edition white aluminium boab nut sculpture designs in 2015.

Community and Cultural Wellbeing

This is a key program integral to the survival of Miriwoong cultural identity supporting youth & community to connect with their country to heal, to learn & share knowledge.