Thompson Springs

Artist: Ben Ward
Media: Natural ochre on canvas
Size: 60x60cm
Price: SOLD
Catalogue: 5137-15


Ben Ward’s new series presents his Country in beautiful coloured ochre triangles juxtaposed against each other to convey landscape.  In this painting Ben has depicted Thompson Spring, located in Yardungall Country (Dingo Springs) in the East Kimberley. Thompson Springs is a site belonging to the Eagle and the White Crane Dreaming.

In this particular work a spring is depicted bubbling up between two rock formations.  A palm is growing to the right of the spring and the clouds of white and blue are forming in the sky above.

The grey triangles represent the boab trees, the white the gum trees, the green the leaves and the yellow the grasses.  The red ochre triangles are the rocks, the orange the sand and the blue in the centre is the spring.

© Waringarri Aboriginal Arts