My Favourite Foods

Artist: Gloria Mengil
Media: Natural ochre on paper
Size: 57x76cm
Price: $850
Catalogue: 5148-15


Gloria has depicted her favourite bush foods. She gathered and ate them when visiting Binjin (Bucket Springs) as a child. Bush peanuts are plentiful throughout the year, although you need to know where to find them. If you collect too many, your fingers can hurt from the tiny prickles. The peanuts are roasted on hot coals. Bush plums are abundant during the wet season and are delicious when eaten raw.

Today Gloria rarely eats these traditional bush foods and this piece is a nostalgic work celebrating the joy of finding the bush tucker, taught to Gloira by her mother, Judy Mengil. Unfortunately this food source is now threatened by agricultural expansion in the region. Gloria would like to see these nuts and fruits protected for future generations to enjoy.

© Waringarri Aboriginal Arts