Ivanhoe Ranges

Artist: Ben Ward
Media: Ochre on canvas
Size: 130x125cm
Price: SOLD
Catalogue: 4905-14


The artist has depicted his country of Ivanhoe Ranges in a unique new style of triangle juxtaposition. The Ord River in white and blue can clearly be seen meandering across the canvas. The four waterfalls in the centre are Valentine Springs, Jaying (where his grandmothers were born), Middle Spring or Mayiba and Black Rock Falls. The large hill in the background is Kumic and to the top right of the painting are two circles that the artist has deliberately painted to appear as nuclear waste symbols. This sacred area is Boorlgoomirri and  Gigoomirri where the film ‘Australia’ was shot. The artist is commenting on the disregard taken at these sites during filming when actors and crew climbed onto these hills. “You wouldn’t walk all over a nuclear waste site?”
© Waringarri Aboriginal Arts