Ivanhoe Crossing

Artist: Agnes Armstrong
Media: Natural ochre and pigment on canvas
Size: 100 x 45 cm
Price: $720
Catalogue: 4925-15


“This painting of red and while reminds me when I was about 4 years old going to 5 years old. They used to have this car and an old truck for everyday to work for. In the dry season they used to drop us off to school at the Kimberley Resource Station, driving acorss Ivanhoe Crossing. Sometimes we would go over on a paddle boat. We never thought about crocodiles, it was free to cross, not many crocs around then. That’s why I can’t stop painting because I love to tell stories from my mind and heart. It reminds our young ones to take over our culture and our sacred land. Our old people used to walkfrom country to country and place to place. People don’t know where they coming from today.”
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