Agnes Armstrong


“I was born on Ivanhoe Station. I grew up with old people. They taught me lots about hunting – all the bush foods. I used to work at Ivanhoe station doing housework and gardening. I came to Kununurra and started schooling here during the 60’s. Before that I had been attending the Research Station School. During the 70’s I was at the Beagle Bay Mission School. I came back to Kununurra then and got a job cooking for the pensioners in our Mirima Community. I would do the shopping, count the money for the pensioners and paid their bills. We had a little shop then. I then moved to Dingo Springs where I watched the old people carving boab nuts and then I began to carve boabs. After that I came back here to Waringarri to do painting. As well as this, I am doing Ministry and bible studies. I have one daughter and three adopted sons and I live back in Mirima reserve, and i am staying in my country for good.”
© Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

DOB: 01/07/1954
Language: Miriwoong
Country: Kununurra