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Paddy Carlton


Paddy was born in a country called Goordamankoo on Legune Station in the Northern Territory just over the West Australian border. Paddy was a senior elder and law man in his community and across the east Kimberley region. He grew up in the 20s and 30 which was known as the wild times or killing times when white station hands and police were shooting Aboriginal people. Paddy worked on a number of stations as a stockman and takes his gadiya (European) surname from Carlton Hill Station. Paddy remembers participating in cave painting and being taught painting techniques by his elders in the country around Legune and Bullo River Stations in the N.T. As an artist he maintianed and developed the techniques learnt as a boy. Paddy Carlton was a visionary commited to sharing the importance of Miriwoong Gadjerriwoong culture with anthropolgists, educators, linguists, native title and most importantly his own family and community. In describing his work he has said: My father and the old people taught me how to paint when I was young. I painted on cave walls and did body painting for ceremonies and dancing. I like to paint. It gives me a good feeling in my heart. I do this so that my people can know the stories so that those stories won’t get lost.

DOB: Circa 1920
Language: Gadjerriwoong/Miriwoong
Country: Bullo River, Legune Station NT

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